UV Light Treatment & Installation

We install UV lights at key points in your home or business to keep viral bacteria and mold from forming. It's recommended that you run the power of the UV light for approximately 15 minutes max, which is equivalent to roughly 6 hours of UV ray exposure from the sun.

Installation: Free (limited to 1 light per room)

Residential Pricing: $39.99 per room.

A+ Sanitization And Sterilization

"Why sterilize? I'm capable of cleaning my own home!"

Cleaning refers to the removal of dirt and impurities including germs from surfaces, but this alone doesn't kill germs. This is where we come in.


The sanitization process consists of disinfecting any and all surfaces using our special set of A+ chemical solutions to severely reduce any bacterial and viral germs.


The sterilization process consists of non harmful A+ products and/or UV light process, removing, killing or deactivating the remainder of any adverse microorganisms such as: fungi, bacteria viruses. spores. uni-cellular eukaryotic organisms such as plasmodium, etc.

Pricing: Sanitization and Sterilization Package: starting at $299.99 - after 2400 sq ft, 33c per sq ft.


Mobile Lawn Salon

Long range of services such as tree trimming, plant relocating, grass cutting, shrub and lawn debris removal, edging and lawn patching, and most outdoor maintenance (inquire for additional services).

Pricing: Contact us

A+ Essential Delivery

Forgot something? Grocery and pharmaceutical delivery, dry cleaning, etc. Your all around personal errand runner.

Pricing: Starting at 14.99